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Intelligent Systems Course Structure (M.Tech. in Information Technology)


The Intelligent Systems curriculum has been designed to impart multi-disciplinary knowledge. The course has the correct mixture of electronics and computer science syllabus. All students are required to take 10 courses from the following available courses. In first and second semester there will be 20 credits(1 credit = 50 marks) including 4 core subjects and one common programming lab. In third semester there will be two courses and one mini project. In final semester students have to work on their thesis.

Below given are the course structure for the 2012 batch*.

Major Subjects covered in Intelligent Systems

1. Computational Intelligence
2. Image and Vision Processing
3. Advanced DBMS
4. Data Mining and Warehousing
5. Wireless Sensor Network
6. Soft Computing
7. Distributed Systems
8. Information Retrieval
9. Intellectual Property Right
10. Agent Based Systems
11. Green ICT
12. Virtual Reality

*Course-structure may change. This is just to give you an idea about the curriculum.