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You can contact us for any kind of queries relating to the curriculum, college or related queries. This website is being maintained by IS Students.The mail is currently not functioning, for any queries you can always mail us @

Address: Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
Deoghat, Jhalwa, Allahabad-211012(U.P.)
phone:(0532) 2922025


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The Intelligent Website


Presenting you some of the unique features of one of the most intelligent website on the web

Yes, this website is for you !!!

Free M.Tech related study material.

Question papers have been updated since 2004(It was a hell of a task).

Research/ Placement related study materials will be updated soon.

And yes, website is autonomous !!!

No need of any administrator for atleast next 1000 yrs.(but still needs one to update study material)

Updates itself timely taking into account the start of academic session as reference.

Dedicated account to each student of IS to update their details which are reflected back on the webpages.(I know its easy).

Dynamic updation... did i mention it updates front-end and back-end too...

Automatically detects the folder/filename and updates the webpage related to it.

Seniors batches would be shifted to Alumni batch after each academic session.

At the start of every new session, accounts shall be made for the freshers batch automatically.

Optimised and Secured coding... as far as i'm concerned...

Tried my level best to use minimum no. of lines keeping clarity in mind.

Session based login and disabled right cliks(although these are not enough).

Its punctual too... keeps track of time...

At the start of each academic session automatically creates accounts into the database(using only coding, triggers would have been an alternative).

Updates links, projects, webpages at the commencement of each session.

Ticker to calculate no. of unique visitors(unique external IPs).

Above all its one of my best creations !!!



IS Head of Department

Special thanks to our HOD, Prof. Sudip Sanyal for his constant guidance and support.

IS Developers team

Batch 2011

Anshuman Dhuliya

Mohit Kumar

Saurabh Sethiya

Subhadeep Karan

Batch 2012

Prabhat Soni

For any queries/suggestions/corrections kindly contact me @ prabhatsoni@rocketmail.comor contact on facebook