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Address: Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
Deoghat, Jhalwa, Allahabad-211012(U.P.)
phone:(0532) 2922025


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Faculty Profiles


Research Interests: Natural Language Processing, Software Engineering

Prof. M. Rahakrishnan (MSc.)

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, Digital Design, Embedded Systems, Machine Vision, Computer Based Instrumentation and Control, Automation, Computer and Sensor Networks, Computer Based Instructional Systems, Cognitive Sciences, Modelling and Simulation

Prof. U. S. Tiwary (Ph.D)

Research Interests: Image Processing, Computer Vision, Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition & Script Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Speech and Language Processing, Wavelet Transform, Soft Computing & Fuzzy Logic, Neuro–computing and Soft-computers, Speech driven computers, Natural Language Processing, Brain Simulation, Cognitive Science

Dr. Manish Kumar(Ph.D)

Data Management in Wireless Sensor Network, Database Systems, Data Mining, Distributed Databases, Mobile Data Management